A Child’s Guide to the Nations

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Dear parents, I offer this libellus in appreciation not only of the children but also of your own parental labors; yours is the great work of the age, for it creates the age to follow. In our modern times we enjoy the inestimable benefit of the accumulated knowledge of generations of scholarship, cataloged and winnowed until we […]


A very long time ago, in the age of the First Caesars, there was no magic and no creatures of the Wild. You may find that hard to believe, but it is so. But what about centaurs and harpies and the like? Even at the time, educated Romans knew that these were merely legends, like […]


After the goblins had rattled the gates of Constantinople then dispersed through Graecia, came the ogres. They were no so much invading as they were running, for close on their heels were the armies of the orcs (more about that dreadful Empire later). We first meet ogres crossing the Rhenus River at the end of […]