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A Child of Great Promise

Orphan. Half-breed. The girl who can fly.

The young woman Talysse longs to escape her orphanage in southern France and find her parents. All she knows about them is that her mother is a noblewoman and her father an elf. She’s tired of her magic lessons and tired of living an isolated life.

When the wizard Saveric arrives, insisting she come away with him to a wizard school in Paris, she’s afraid she’ll be trading one prison for another. So she flies away.

Now, she and her faithful gnome companion, Detta, must find their way to the man who has been her patron ever since she was little. They are helped along their way by Occitan cowboys who ride pure white horses. They travel with elf wagoneers. They meet a troubador and an elf chevalier, both of whom link their fortunes to hers.

They are pursued relentlessly by Saveric, who commands all the resources of the powerful Syndicat. Is he hunting Talysse, or trying to rescue her? All answers lie high in the Pyrenees Mountains, where Talysse’s wizard patron lives. There she must face the truth about her past, if she is ever to have a future.

Follow Talysse and her friends on an Altearth adventure.

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