Overview of Altearth

Altearth is our world with a significant deviation: Rome did not fall to the barbarians; Rome fell to goblins.

Assume that it was goblins and trolls and kobolds who poured into the West in the 5th and 6th centuries. Assume that as that happened, magic became a real and genuine force. Assume that all the monsters of fantasy from that point onward became real. And, finally, as far as possible, assume that all other historical events continued to happen. That is, there was still a Charlemagne, still a Hundred Years War, and so on.

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1819 and All That

In January 1819 AUC, old King Edward died. He had spent his life fighting the orcs and trolls that every year threatened to overrun his realm. As he grew older and it was evident that he would die childless, he met in secret with the young Duke William of Normandy. William’s father had given sanctuary […]

Historical Eras

Read articles related to the main historical eras of Altearth.


Nota bene: all dates are AUC–ab urbe condite, meaning from the founding of the city. The traditional date in Earth terms is 753 BC, so subtract 753 from any date here to derive the Earth date.