Historical Eras

Read articles related to the main historical eras of Altearth.


Altearth history diverges from Real Earth history in 1131 AUC, with the first goblin invasion and the first undisputed appearance of magic. “Antiquity” in Altearth is therefore anything prior to 1131 AUC. In the coming months, an essay will appear in this place that discusses real and theoretical divergent events before that date. So for […]

The First Dark Age

The First Dark Age began with the fall of the Empire in the West, traditionally dated to 1229 . It is called a “dark” age in part because we have so few records from this time, but also because it was an era when it seemed to the people at the time as if the […]

Imperial Renaissance

Articles pertaining to the era of Imperial Renaissance will appear here. Likely topics include Daily Life in the Age of Carolus the Great Origins of the Ork Empire The First Scholae  

Age of Dragons (The Second Dark Age)

From the death of Carolus Magnus to the end of the Salian Emperors (1567-1878 AUC) is usually called the Second Dark Age but is also known as the Age of Dragons (especially by writers of novels). While it is true that these three centuries saw the rise and fall of the race of dragons, a […]

Golden Age

The Middle Age (Medium Aevum) ends with the death of Emperor Maximilian in 2272 AUC. The era that follows is known as the Golden Age, probably the most egregious misnomer ever invented. For, the Golden Age was a time of strife and bloodshed as well as of brilliant discoveries and innovations. Historians have long tried […]

The Age of Science

Sometimes called the Second Heroic Age, this period–running from the Peace of Nations to the Age of Steam (2401-2527 AUC)–sees the invention, confirmation and utilization of scientific methods applied to magic. Here is when the theory of the aether was born and when (at the very end of the period) phlogiston was isolated as the […]

Modern Times

Modern historians increasingly are dividing the centuries after 2527 AUC into two eras: the Steam Age and the Modern Age. The former they mark as ending with the end of the Great War in 2698 AUC.  The Modern Age is also being called the “post-Steam era” and even the “post-Science era,” while still others refer […]