The History of Magic

by H. Van Dusen

History of Magic, Vol. 4: The Age of Steam

Volume 4: Magic in the Age of Steam by H. Van Dusen From Maria Theresa to the Present The Scientific Revolution transformed the practice of magic from an art to a science. We learned to harness magical powers in specific and reproducible ways, then we put those powers to work in our great machines. Anything […]

History of Magic, Vol. 3: Scientific Magic

From the Peace of Lodi to Maria Theresa(2207-2533 AUC) This was the era of the dramatic changes of the Renaissance, the Reformation of the Empire, and the Age of Enlightenment. On the one hand, the traditional collegia were more powerful than they’d ever been; while on the other hand, secret societies were forming that were […]

Volume 1: The First Dark Age

[Editor’s Note: Duerson wrote this in a time when humans barely regarded the magic done by non-human peoples. This oversight has been rectified by more recent scholarship. Here, as in so much else, the divide lies at the Great War. We present his work as a classic example of the older historical tradition. A good […]

Volume 2: The Silver Age

These centuries are also often called the Second Dark Age, so called by earlier historians who focused more on the destruction wrought by the new menace of dragons than on the very real accomplishments of the kings of the House Carolus. From Charles the Hammer to the Interregnum The advent of the Carolingian kings brought […]