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Goblins at the Gates

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When goblins invade the Roman Empire, everything in Altearth changes. A Horde a quarter million strong is moving toward Constantinople, and the Empire’s best hope for survival is not all that great.

Julian is the son of a famous general, but he hates the army. He’d rather drink, gamble, and annoy his fellow nobles with pranks. One prank has gone very wrong, though, and Julian’s only option is to escape his enemies by taking command of a frontier legion on a mission for the Emperor.

There he stumbles into the goblin invasion, and now must learn how to become a general even as he struggles just to survive and keep his legion intact. He does have help, of a sort.

Inglena is a princess in exile, cast out by her tribe for the terrible crime of magic, for she has a remarkable white sword that never stains and never dulls. She has gathered other exiles to her, and decides to join forces with the Roman general. If her own people will shun her, then Rome is her only hope. Her magicians can wield astonishing power, but their command of magic is erratic, and they have never had to work with disciplined troops.

Together these unlikely allies must escape the onrushing Horde, warn Emperor Valens, and find a way to save the Empire from the monsters.

All will be needed. Not all will survive.